• Customized Excellence
    ​Sales & Marketing Alignment

    We know the buying process and you know your business, we will take key industry knowledge and develop a heavily customized Sales and Marketing program specific for your company                                                                                                            
  • Sales Enablement
    Reaching Higher levels of Success

    Increasing your bottom line is our bottom line! Having the right Sales Enablement tools will help increase your sales activities and achieve and exceed sales growth.       
  • Marketing Innovation at it's Best

    Plan, Execute and Improve... We do this together.  Every company is unique in their offerings, strategy and culture. This must be reflected in their marketing presence.  We will work together to get real results and ROI from your marketing, branding strategy, web presence and social media management.

Enable, Align and Grow your Sales & Marketing

Sales Enablement

There are many definitions for Sales Enablemnet... but the bottom line is getting your sales team to be more effective, winning more deals, achieving greater sales volumes and at increased margins.  That's what Stratosphere Sales delivers


Everyone in the company is in sales, and everyone is a marketer... but why are there so few that focus on Sales and Marketing Alignment?  Stratosphere Sales had developed marketing strategies that align directly with sales efforts.  Whether you you need web development, email marketing, social media or content creation we help companies with the end-goal in mind... increase sales and grow the business!


ZOHO has fully integrated Sales & Marketing tools, but even more, they provide a platform to be your company's complete Operating System.  Stratosphere Sales is an Authorized partner with ZOHO and has created a full Sales Enablement program just for ZOHO users.  

Increase Sales by 25% in 6 months

When a medical device company needed to increase marketshare, Stratosphere Sales listened and assessed their current sales practices.  With a few strategic tweaks with their inside sales team and how they handled inbound calls, it created a paradigm shift by winning more deals in less time.  This resulted in an increase of sales by 25% in six months.

Decrease Sales Cycle Rates by 36%

In the super competitive aircraft maintenance world buyers are hedging their bets and the sale is complex thus extending the sales cycles.  Stratosphere Sales helps this organization prepare their teams to have the right conversations  with buyers that turn a "sales rep" into a trusted advisor.  Not only are they winning more deals, but the average sales cycle reduces from 12 months to 9.

Reduce Cost of Sales and Marketing by a factor of 3x

When you can replace over 10 different software platforms with one, increase Inside Sales effectiveness by 45% and create a Sales Enablement program that streamlines their sales processes, you have a winning combination!  This Oil & Gas company partnered with Stratosphere Sales combined with ZOHO's Business Operating System platform and saw significant results and fast!

Industries We Serve

Power Generation


Heavy Industry



Life Sciences

Our Clients

We love our clients!  Whether they need a new design concept, help with their website, entering a new market, trying to help their sales team become more efficient and more we win when they win!  All our clients are winners!!

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Stratosphere Sales is proud to be an Authorized ZOHO Partner

The epitome of Sales & Marketing alignment, full integration, having all the tools in one platform... ZOHO gives sales people a super competitive advantage.  Stratosphere Sales takes it to the next level by providing a full Sales Enablement service specific for ZOHO users. 

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