Leading the way to Success

Successful businesses know that improving their sales team’s selling skills adds to their bottom line, continues their success and the success of their sales professionals.  These companies also understand the positive affect of bringing in independent providers of Sales Training outside their organization.  Yet so many fall into the “event based” model of solely a two day or week training course with the sales representatives left to figure out which parts work best for them  and how to implement them successfully. There is a better way… 

AFFIRM™ Your Success

At Stratosphere Sales Development we recognize you can’t create and implement new systems and make small behavioral changes that lead to significant success with just a project-based mindset. 
Our AFFIRM approach is based on a processes of not just delivering content, but also the implementation and ongoing reinforcement and content. We found that when we partner with our customers to deliver Technology along with Sales Enablemnt and Marketing strategy and objectives, it brings extra value, driving leads and increasing revenue!             


We identify the organization’s needs, approach, industry and objectives along with the individuals’ skill-set level, strengths, areas of improvement and learning style.   We also establish the main KPIs and what metrics are most important for ROI.


Design a program around the organization’s objectives and build a sales process for the sales team to utilize.  Develop a training program that achieves the greatest effectiveness using the right blended learning tools based on the individuals’ assessment results. 


Action the sales training mechanism(s) using the appropriate blend of learning style to set the foundation of change.


Now is the time for the sales team to make those small behavioral changes, utilize the skill-set and knowledge obtained from the facilitation.


We hold routine coaching sessions to ensure these behavior changes.  We also hold monthly meetings with management as their buy-in and leadership are vital to ensure positive change remains.


Looking back to our assessment we monitor the success of the program by measuring the agreed upon criteria, and build these markers into our coaching and leadership meetings. 

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