Website Development

Your website is the front door of your 21st century business. Make it look good.

Web Design is a Science

There is a science to designing web pages that goes beyond just what looks good. Your website needs to drive your customers to buy.

Every Device - Everywhere

Your web page has to work as often on a mobile device (a 5-inch screen) as it does on a big computer screen. The right website is perfect in both places. 

UX - The Newest Must-Have

UX is user experience, and it’s the gold currency of the modern internet. People will go to your competitors if your website is hard to use.

Google Knows All

Google tracks everything you and your customers do. That means that if your site is not user-friendly, it might downgrade your site when people search.

User experience and a great website are more than just vanity. In the 21st century, not being visible to Google is one of the fastest ways to lose business. 

A Great Website is like a Great Front Door to Your Store

Adding Great CTAs

A CTA is your ‘call to action’. It’s how you convert browsers to buyers. Your website needs CTAs that are clear and easy. Like this one…

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Web Development Lifecycle

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.”

― Cameron Moll

Let’s build a website that makes you money!

It’s starts with understanding your brand and message.

Time for a test drive. We give it a workout and so do you and your team.

Our team draws up some ideas to review and critique.

The developers and designers create your website with all the bells and whistles - and CTAs!

Revisit it periodically to make sure everything is working.

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